Is Litecoin A Good Investment 2021? Litecooin Prediction 2021

“If you are interested in investing in a technology that enables fast and inexpensive borderless transactions, Litecoin is a great investment opportunity,” Weiss says. Among the oldest cryptocurrencies on the market, Litecoin is also one of the most popular altcoins. It’s currently the 14th largest coin by market capitalization, with a total value of more than $12.3 billion.

is litecoin a good investment 2021

Though Litecoin is currently trading at $133 – which can’t compare with Bitcoin – Litecoin has some significant growth potential. Litecoin also offers fees that are minuscule when compared to other payment systems, such as PayPal. Litecoin’s primary rivals include Bitcoin Cash and Dash which can also both be labelled transactional cryptocurrencies. Transaction fees became more expensive and started to take longer.

“You can buy them directly from PayPal or exchanges such as Coinbase or Coinmama,” Rodriguez says. “Those exchanges also allow you to purchase other types of cryptocurrency like Ethereum and Bitcoin.” There’s also Binance, Gemini and other cryptocurrency exchanges. Many believe that Litecoin will appreciate in value in the years to come. But, with the highly unpredictable crypto market behavior, take this fact with a grain of salt. Before investing, do your homework and don’t invest in amounts more than you can afford to lose.

From there, investors may decide to move the coins into an online or offline wallet for storage until the price moves in a favorable direction and selling is advantageous. This strategy can be profitable if executed properly, and investors can be patient without becoming fearful if prices change. The coin has fluctuated many times, and those who have sold early found that they missed out on big winnings. But while Litecoin shows immense growth potential, you shouldn’t be overconfident that this altcoin will yield great returns.

Public Capacity Of Bitcoin Lightning Network Crosses 5,000 Btc

The currency is currently trading at $225, and it’s very close to its all-time high of around $500. In 2021 is undoubtedly a wise move given that this altcoin has considerably appreciated this year. As a result, investors who bought this altcoin at the start of the year are enjoying returns of around 30%, which is calculated according to the current price of Litecoin. This is a greater return than you’d have earned from the stock market within the same duration, and that’s another proof that this cryptocurrency is a superb investment. CaptainAltcoin team created a price prediction model with a multi-faceted approach to crypto that takes into account both technical analysis and fundamental assessment of each project. It would probably be appropriate for Litecoin to be a short-term investment, with high daily volume traders can make faster profits if they can predict the Litecoin price with high accuracy.

In addition, you don’t need to spend exorbitant sums of money to own Litecoin as it’s a lot simpler to get your hands on. The total supply of Litecoins is 84 million, which is considerably more than the maximum number of Bitcoins, which is 21 million. But despite its greater numbers, it’s still managed to attract the attention of many investors due to its capped supply that helps hedge against inflation. All content on CaptainAltcoin is provided solely for informational purposes. It is not an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment.

Holding long-term pays off for many traders because, generally speaking, LTC has gone up in the long term. Sure, there are dips and peaks on the way that you could have traded, but Litecoin is still on the up overall. To cash out your Litecoin you need to sell it for your chosen fiat currency via an exchange or with a broker. Because of the potential of LTC as an investment in 2022, more and more beginners and experienced investors are willing to add Litecoin to their portfolios.


This is quite common in the tech industry to seek to simplify existing technology to improve performance. To make it faster, easier to use and easier to fix if there is ever an issue. To be more precise, Litecoin was created in 2011 by former Google employee Charlie Lee, which is also a factor that gives Litecoin a sense of credibility. The crypto projections recommended that, usually, one LTC coin would deserve $377.05 in 2022.

  • While litecoin has gained a lot of popularity and it’s being used more by businesses, cryptos tend to be very volatile and are very risky investments.
  • Since 2017, he has pivoted his career towards blockchain technology, with principal interest in applications of blockchain technology in politics, business and society.
  • However, this might change over time, so it’s best to stay updated on market trends before deciding whether to invest in Litecoin specifically.
  • Lee launched it to complement Bitcoin by solving challenges like concentrated mining pools and transaction timings.
  • This is a greater return than you’d have earned from the stock market within the same duration, and that’s another proof that this cryptocurrency is a superb investment.
  • However, there is a high chance the crypto will continue to rise from its current price.

But before diving ahead and investing in this particular altcoin, it’s best to do your research to determine if it’s right for your unique circumstances. You can use the information in this article to help you gauge whether it’s a profitable investment in 2021. The growing use of LTC in making payments is also expected to spur the growth potential of this altcoin.

Is Litecoin A Good Investment?

For the next two years, the crypto traded in the range of $1 to $4. Some experts believe that Litecoin’s current all-time high might be surpassed as they predict a LTC price that will hit a staggering $595 by 2030 making it a good long term investment. But, others take a bearish stance saying that another crypto winter will drop the Litecoin price to as low as $1.5 by the end of 2024. Currently, hundreds of well-established and budding cryptos exist using blockchain to supplant fiat money and change the way people live. Litecoin gained attention from most investors after hitting the headlines in December 2017. Litecoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market dropped dramatically when Tesla dropped Bitcoin as a payment method.

If You Bought $1000 Worth of Litecoin 3 Years Ago, Here’s How Much You’d Have Today – The Motley Fool

If You Bought $1000 Worth of Litecoin 3 Years Ago, Here’s How Much You’d Have Today.

Posted: Sat, 29 May 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Most cryptocurrencies are encrypted, but some transactions may be made available without encryption by using third-party software. Litecoin started out life on October 13th, 2011 when Charles Lee introduced a new currency based on Bitcoin’s code called Litecoin. We’ll also cover some pros and cons of investing in Litecoin as well as ways you can invest in them. In the last few years, investors have had a bearish sentiment toward Litecoin.

How Does Litecoin Work?

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies that has been in existence since 2011 is Litecoin. Being dubbed the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin was introduced in 2011 as a quick fix that was supposed to solve some problems typical of the leading cryptocoin. And the reason I think Litecoin is dead is not because of price of litecoin – it dropped together with the whole market and not by its own fault.

Whereas Ethereum’s goal is to become a platform that smart contracts and decentralized applications can use. The Litecoin price at the time of writing is $ 180.49, although it is lower than the Litecoin price as of March 20, 2021. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin uses an open-source payment network that’s not controlled by any single authority. Unlike Bitcoin, however, Litecoin has a far larger supply limit of 84 million LTC compared with Bitcoin’s 21 million.

is litecoin a good investment 2021

In terms of daily volume, Litecoin averages up to 2 billion USD, while Bitcoin reaches 45 billion USD. In addition, Litecoin’s market capitalization has only reached 12 billion USD, while Bitcoin has reached 1 trillion USD. Overall, the interest over Litecoin has increased in the past few years. In 2018, a blockchain-capable phone powered by Litecoin was announced. Japanese multinational company Atari partnered with LTC in 2020 for its blockchain technology. In an attempt to penetrate the traditional banking system, the Litecoin Foundation obtained 9.9% of Germany-based WEG Bank AG in 2018.

Can I Sell Litecoin?

The prediction only uses historical price statistics using indicators for analysis tools of the possible LItecoin price at the end of 2021. The basic thing that distinguishes Litecoin and Dogecoin is the maximum supply, Litecoin is made only 84 million LTC, while Dogecoin is the same as Ethereum without a maximum supply limit. So when Litecoin is mined, there will be no new Litecoin, while Dogecoin will continue to create new blocks. Litecoin’s market capitalization is up to 12 billion USD, while Ethereum is over 198 billion USD. When compared to Bitcoin, both Litecoin and Ethereum have faster transaction speeds than Bitcoin.

Litecoin continues to share many of the same attributes as bitcoin. Among these similarities are their fixed supply, being powered by the Proof of Work consensus, and having block reward halving. The most recent occurring in 2019, in which the price increased 500% in reflection of bitcoin’s momentum after its halving. Like bitcoin, the asset also continues to be volatile, hitting incredible lows even after a period of highs. Again this is not uncommon to cryptocurrency assets, which are all more volatile than traditional investments.

The Cryptocurrency, Litecoin

As long as the project is listed on major exchanges, it will have some value. Most of it will come from pure speculation and remnants of its past strong brand and this can be strong enough of a market force to pull it back up again. Price of Litecoin has suffered heavily in 2018 and for the most part of 2019. Don’t forget to store your cryptocurrency in an encrypted and password-protected digital wallet and let us know more about your thoughts on Litecoin as an investment vehicle. Further historical data will show that Litecoin hasincreased over 5,000%in the past five years alone – incredible.

This crypto coin has actually been active for over 9 years now and has actually handled to be effective for the majority of this duration. BitPay recently added support for Litecoin, allowing how to accept litecoin payments its large network of merchants, which includes Newegg, to accept the altcoin. BitPay supports payment in other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Litecoin Price Pr

As the community claims, “Litecoin lights the path that leads the way to alt season.” Traders will watch the price of LTC, even if they choose not to trade it. When Litecoin starts to take off, risk appetite spreads, and many smaller markets are about to have explosive gains. After Bitcoin took the world by storm, several altcoins came afterward that tried to prove the efficacy of digital currency and improve on what Bitcoin had set out to do. Some cryptocurrencies complement Bitcoin, existing alongside the leading digital assets, much like silver sits next to gold. Litecoin is one of the most common coins on cryptocurrency exchanges, and it has a lot more liquidity than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash or Dash.

Litecoin runs on the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin, but some people find it more advanced since it can process transactions faster than bitcoin or Ethereum ever could. Litecoin works identical to Bitcoin with the distinct difference that it’s excellent for making small purchases due to atomic swap technology. An atomic swap enables cross-border transfers, with Litecoin capable of processing 56 transactions each second, far greater than Bitcoin’s seven transactions per second.

Many of these services operate in air travel, hospitality, real estate, investing, gift cards, web hosting, and gambling. Litecoin Card – a Visa debit card that converts Litecoin into fiat currency when making payments – Litecoin can be accepted anywhere that accepts Visa. With its impressive technology, obvious relation to Bitcoin, and growth potential, we can conclude that LTC is here to stay long after 2022. Diversify your portfolio, which is a great technique to reduce financial risks by investing in different assets.

While crypto has struggled in 2022, the Litecoin market has shown that it can weather the storm multiple times, as crypto has seen a lot of volatility since its inception. Because of this, as soon as this low is put in, Litecoin is once again a good investment for those willing to take the plunge. Litecoin price predictions vary on forecasting sites, such as on at the end of 2021 the price of Litecoin is predicted to reach $ 293. Litecoin is among the most noteworthy cryptocurrencies on the marketplace. Being among the very first forks of Bitcoin, the LTC network is based upon the BTC’s procedure. Litecoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, developed by the previous Google engineer Charles Lee in 2011.

Litecoin certainly does have a future as people continue to find new ways to use and trade the coin. And with upgrades around the corner, we will likely see a lot more of Litecoin in the coming years. It should also be noted that some price forecasters actually expect Litecoin to decline in price or stay more or less the same. For example, Trading Beasts believes that Litecoin will be worth a high of only $252 in 2024. Price predictions for Litecoin in 2030 range from $3,965 at the highest by Cryptocurrency Price Prediction, and $543 by Coin Price Forecast, almost 10 times lower. Litecoin is also increasingly available on online payment services like PayPal and Revolut, increasing regular people’s access to it.

As with other cryptocurrencies, investing in Litecoin comes with risks, being that the crypto market is volatile, in general. However, Litecoin’s limited supply of 84 million may make it more resilient against inflation and depreciation. As the general crypto market turned bullish, LTC followed Bitcoin’s lead to hit its all-time high of $375 in mid-December 2017. The whole of 2018 was bearish and the crypto dropped to $30 but started stabilizing at the start of 2019. In the first half of the year, the coin increased four times from $31.02 to $138.4 anticipating the halving event that happened on August 5, 2019.

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